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RealCap adopts a global balance sheet approach to investment management, which dictates that, besides those assets an investor needs to match any local based liabilities - debt, lifestyle expenses, etc., - the remaining 'growth assets' must be put to work globally. 

We strive to invest in the best opportunities the world has to offer across multiple asset classes and pride ourselves on independent research that helps us get to the most consequential truths about potential investment: we never follow the herd.

RealCap utilises an objective valuation methodology that allows us to best grow client wealth over the long term.

By partnering with us, investors will obtain liquid exposure to the following asset classes on global exchanges:

 - Equity;

 - Fixed Income;

 - Property;

 - Commodities (Producers & Physical); and

 - Specialist Opportunities.

In addition to our Global Multi-Asset Portfolio, RealCap offers the management of, amongst others, Direct Unit Trusts, Tax-Free Savings Accounts, Individual and Group Retirement Funds, Living Annuities, Investment Portfolios, Endowment Policies, Private Equity Investments, and Share Portfolios. Each of these investment types have varying minimum investment amounts. Please contact us to discuss an investment solution tailored to your needs.


Select clients may choose to make use of RealCap’s “Multi-Family Office” services.  

Our team of dedicated financial professionals make it their priority to get to know their clients, to create a platform for continuous and regular communication and to help client families make educated decisions that will best suit present as well as future family generations.


Functions of the RealCap Multi-Family Office offering include:

 - Comprehensive financial oversight and investment management of all liquid               financial assets;

 - Daily management of all illiquid assets, such as real estate and collectibles;

 - Structuring and management of all debt;

 - Administration and management of the family estate;

 - Trustee services and transactional management; and

 - Comprehensive quarterly reporting of all balance sheet activity.


In addition to our investment management and Multi-Family Office services, our dedicated team is proficient in providing the following value added services:

- Preparation of Last Wills and Testaments;

- Preparation of Letters of Wishes;

- Formation of Trusts, including the preparation of Trust Deeds, Amendments, Resolutions etc.;

- Administration of Trusts;

- Registration of Trusts for income tax;

- Registration of Trusts for VAT, if applicable;

- Advice on the structuring of estates;

- Executor services;

- Facilitating the winding up of estates in coordination with external executors; 

- Winding up of estates as appointed executor; 

- Preparation and filing of income tax returns; and

- Tax structuring and advice.

Who we are


Since its inception in August 2003, the RealFin Group has earned a widely acknowledged reputation as a leader in specialist asset management, advisory, and structured financial solutions to the institutional market (pension funds, life companies, asset managers, and stock-brokers).

To provide South African private clients direct access to multiple asset classes worldwide and without restrictions, a strategic decision was taken to expand the Group’s specialist asset management service to include global discretionary asset management to the private client market. RealCap was therefore founded by Steve Doidge in 2012 under the umbrella of the RealFin Group.

Although based in Cape Town, South Africa, RealCap’s offering is global. Through our counterparties, RealCap offers specialist, global investment management services to our sophisticated investors with a focus on sectors and countries where we believe our unique skill set provides us with positive information asymmetry. In addition to focused investment management services, RealCap is fully proficient in managing and advising its clients on all related aspects of investment and financial management, such as estate and tax planning, private equity management and advisory, and bespoke structured investment solutions.

Transparency and fiduciary form the foundation of RealCap and together with a driven, passionate, and committed team of people who are obsessed with providing excellent client service, we are able to offer our investors a truly unique and all-encompassing investment management service.



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If the RealCap team were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Steve would be our Leonardo. Steve is one of a very few number of South Africans to have attained the extremely sought-after and challenging Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation, considered the international academic benchmark for professionals in the alternative investment management industry. In addition to this, Steve holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Economics, a Higher Diploma in Advanced Taxation, a Master of Philosophy in Law, and a Master of Commerce in Finance. Wearing many hats, Steve oversees all investment decisions, the overall management of the company, and ensures that the RealCap team continuously delivers outstanding client service. Passionate about social upliftment, particularly in the education arena, Steve is the driver behind RealCap’s many initiatives in this regard.


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Being admitted as a Chartered Accountant (CA) in 2012, and having completed a Bachelor of Accounting Science and a Higher Diploma in Accountancy before joining RealCap, Kerry went on to complete her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) during her tenure with the company. Utilising her vast knowledge, Kerry is RealCap’s Head of Operations and cash controller a.k.a. Head of Finance. In a multi-faceted position, Kerry is responsible for, amongst other items, the general and financial management of the company, compliance with all applicable regulations, HR, providing Family Office services, maintaining RealCap’s relationships with many Family Office clients, and ensuring the Operations Team functions at its best - providing advice wherever required. If Steve was RealCap’s Leonardo, Kerry would be our Splinter.


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Dean is one of our Investment Consultants, having completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management and then a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management. During his time with RealCap, Dean sat the CAIA Level 1 examination and passed. Amongst others, Dean’s responsibilities include: retaining and managing existing client portfolios, acquiring new clients, preparing investment strategies, and determining appropriate retirement and tax planning solutions. Over and above all this - with zero formal education in IT and without actually applying for the position - Dean is RealCap’s resident IT guy.


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Sarah started her career with RealCap in Operations in 2019 and subsequently joined the dark side as an Investment Consultant. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Property Studies with distinction and has passed the CAIA Level 1 examination. Sarah recently obtained her Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning, cum laude, with the intention of sitting for the FPI Certified Financial Planner (CFP) competency examinations in 2024. Sarah is responsible for tasks such as, but not limited to: retaining and managing existing client portfolios, preparing investment strategies, administering trusts, determining appropriate retirement and tax planning solutions, and writing the RealCap team’s website blurbs.


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Olivia joined RealCap in 2022 as an Operations Administrator and has since taken on the role of Operations Manager, overseeing the effective management of the daily operational function. Having completed a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics, in the numbers is where her heart lies. In overseeing the effective management of the daily operational function, amongst other tasks, sitting cross-legged on her chair, Olivia prepares quarterly valuations, implements all investment decisions by executing trades across client portfolios and never says no to a sugar-free Monster Energy to keep her mind sharp whilst doing so.


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Joining the team in August 2023, Hadessah is RealCap’s newest recruit. Hadessah holds higher certificates in Accounting, and Business Management and Marketing, and is currently working towards obtaining her Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology Management. Before starting at RealCap, Hadessah worked in finance and sales administration, making her the perfect fit for the role of Operations Administrator. Amongst other tasks, in this role, Hadessah bonds with Steve over their mutual love of “the Turtles”, prepares client related documentation, and processes transfers of existing investments from other Financial Services Providers (FSPs).

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