RealCap Satellite Portfolio

The RealCap Satellite Portfolio is the satellite portion of the RealCap Global Multi-Asset Portfolio (GMAP). While it comprises part of each GMAP investor’s holdings, the portfolio can be accessed on stand-alone basis.

The objective of the portfolio is to generate Alpha – returns over and above traditional Beta based assets. It seeks to achieve this by identifying thematic or tactical opportunities on a global macro basis.

No geographic, asset class or sector constraints are applied to the portfolio construction, RealCap will invest where we believe there is significant potential for positively skewed returns or non-traditional returns generated independent of market conditions.

This is a high conviction, concentrated portfolio of specialist holdings which blends longer term thematic trades with shorter term tactical opportunities which arise from temporary market price dislocations.

Please contact our CEO: Steve Doidge, to learn more about this specialist offering which is subject to a minimum investment of USD 250,000 (or currency equivalent).