RealCap Global Multi-Asset Investment Services

RealCap provides boutique investment management services to select private clients. Our Global Multi-Asset offering can be accessed directly through a direct segregated account held with either Credit Suisse in Zurich, Switzerland or Saxo Bank in Copenhagen, Denmark. The offering is suitable for an investor’s growth assets – investable assets that the investor does not require for matching liabilities in his/her country of residence.

RealCap adopts a core-satellite investment approach to the management of investor portfolios. Within the core portion of the portfolio, investors will gain exposure to multiple asset classes beyond the traditional equities and bonds and holdings include global real estate and commodities to generate alternative sources of return. The satellite portion is made up of high conviction, specialist holdings designed to deliver “Alpha” over traditional assets.

The core assets have allocation constraints ensuring investors have exposure to all asset classes at all times, while the satellite holdings have no geographic, asset class or sector constraints and comprise of longer term thematic trades with shorter term tactical opportunities which arise from temporary market price dislocations.

Please contact Dean Murray, our Investment Consultant (by filling in the contact form here), to learn more about our investment services which are typically subject to a minimum investment of USD50,000 (or currency equivalent). If accessed through the RealFin Linked Endowment Policy, a minimum of R 250,000 will apply.