RealFin Managed Portfolio Linked Endowment

The RealFin Linked Endowment Policy ("the Policy") provides the investor with a tax efficient vehicle with which to access any RealFin Group product, or alternatively a bespoke portfolio. The endowment policy is managed by the RealFin Group and issued by a Sanlam Group company.

By utilising the Policy, the investor will receive significant tax savings which have the effect of boosting after tax returns by as much as 44%.

The investment term is for a minimum of five years, however, provision can be made for a once off withdrawal during the investment term after a minimum period of 3 years has elapsed (or such lesser term as negotiated with RealFin).

Please contact Dean Murray, our Investment Consultant (by filling in the contact form here), to learn more about this specialist offering, which can be used to access either of the following products:

  • GMAP - Global Multi-Asset Portfolio
  • FIP - Fixed Income Portfolio